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The Nation’s First and Only

Captive Solution Built For
The Government Contracting Community

The Nation’s First
and Only
Captive Solution Built For The Government Contracting Community

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How Does the
Captive Model Work?

Our custom approach to managing fringe benefits helps government contractors lower overhead and reduce their compliance burden, all while improving contract profitability. In the complex world of government contracting benefits we strive to change industry inefficiencies with a model that is more beneficial to the client and their long-term future.


Make more informed decisions that willimprove health outcomes and minimize risk.


Greater transparency means cost savings anda return on profits from premium payments.


Innovative insurance options provide moreflexibility and freedom for your organization.


Through economies of scale, the captivemodel reduces variability.


Owning the data also allows for more insighton how best to take care of the members.

Cost Containment

Reduced cost volatility and lower the costtrend in both the near and long term.
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TrUcare allows web-based reporting, data collection, and management to better integrate a full-scope vision of feeds, data points, and user inputs. Identify, run, and better understand reports from macro to micro and everything in between.



Within the TrUcare platform, leaders can configure coordination planning, reviews, authorizations, requests for procedures, as well as appeals and grievances. They have the oversight to create and maintain automation workflows to reduce administrative burden and integrate seamlessly with a variety of outside systems.



Knowing your unique members allows you to better segment them into areas of need and to better deliver care management that fits the population. You can segment users by state, program, company, and more. Once implemented users can automate workflows according to each specific segment for more customized opportunities.


Gain Control Over
the Most Expensive

Line Item on Your Budget

SCA Group Fringe Benefits

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Stop-Loss Protection

Provides protection by paying for claims that are
above the Captive Layer maximum.

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Captive Participation

Employer contributes a small amount of up-front capital. True Captive invests in the employers’ program and shares risk with the company. The employer pays a fixed monthly amount that goes towards plan administration and the management of the captive. True Captive pays out larger claims that are above the selffunded layer. Any money that goes unused is returned to the member companies in the form of dividends.

program components

Self-Funded Foundation

Each employer chooses the size of the claims they want to self-fund, up to a maximum, referred to as an aggregate. The claims reserve stays with the employer to pay for smaller claims. Money left over is the employers to keep or roll over to the following year.

Our Difference

As your partner, we invest in your program and share risk with your company. We don’t see profits from our investment until you see savings. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your employee healthcare benefits. We offer white-glove customization to fit the unique needs of your population.


Our white-glove approach and highly curated suite of solutions provide a seamless member experience and make it easy for you to transition to the captive self-funded model.


What does this mean for you? Helps you break the cycle of increasing renewals and ultimately passing the costs on to your employees and bottom line.

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