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We MAXIMize Your Benefits and Profits

With Transparency in a Difficult Market

We MAXIMize Your Benefits
& Profits

With Transparency in a Difficult Market

End-to-end benefits, retirement, and comprehensive options for a frictionless experience.

Government Contractor Benefit Design

AXIM Solves
Customer Challenges

Our custom approach to managing fringe benefits helps government contractors lower overhead and reduce their compliance burden, all while improving contract profitability. In the complex world of government contracting benefits we strive to change industry inefficiencies with a model that is more beneficial to the client and their long-term future.


Voluntary benefits designed specifically for government contractors paid for with fringes.


As a government contractor, we can add more value to current and new awards.


Every fringe dollar tracked by employee, by hour worked, by benefit elected. Guaranteed!

AXIM Fringe Solutions Group

AXIM: Providing benefits to protect employees so you can retain them.

AXIM Fringe Solutions Group is here to help you:
– Capitalize on new opportunities while understanding the potential risks
– Create transformational benefit plans for the government contracting space that will help you attract, engage, and retain a high-performing workforce
– Utilize breakthrough technologies to improve your competitive position in the marketplace
– Understand market activity, who to partner with and how to partner with them

As the United States’ first health and welfare administration and compliance firm that’s also a government contractor, we understand the industry better than anyone else.

We partner with government contractors as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business to offer consulting, benefits administration, and DOL/ACA compliance for wage determination contracts under the Service Contract Act and the Davis-Bacon Act.

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AXIM exists to partner with you to provide depth of the arena in the GovCon market. Check out the video for more information.

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Compliance Solutions

Government Contractors Operate In A Complex And Highly Regulated Environment.

Compliance reporting has several “moving” performance pieces, some of which may change over the life of the contract. Contractors that don’t stay on top of their compliance are putting themselves at serious risk.

Ensuring proper reporting by employee, by hours worked, by benefit elected is just the tip of the iceberg.



We understand the prevailing wage space, especially SCA and DBA, and the requirements therein. AXIM also knows how difficult it can be to comply with all the requirements while keeping employees happy and making money.

We see countless contractors looking to grow in the space, adding contracts and employees at a high rate to offset the low margins. Not only does this multiply their DOL risk and overhead associated with the contract, but they have no counterbalance to this increased liability and workload.



A High Quality 401(A) Retirement Plan…

Demonstrates you care about and value your employees wanting to provide a means for them to plan for their future. Not only will it help attract and retain employees, but it’s also one of the lowest-cost, highest-yielding benefits and employer can offer.


Voluntary Benefits

AXIM built the nation’s first and only voluntary benefits platform designed specifically for government contractors paid for with fringe dollars. Contractors can now offer better benefits that protect employees and their families- all while reducing turnover and attracting new talent.


AXIM Value

You might have heard some myths about our benefits package being expensive, inflexible, and pretty much “take it or leave it.” At AXIM, everything is custom built for each client.

Whether it’s a fully insured or self-funded plan, AXIM can fit the needs of each company and their budgets. The team at AXIM prides itself on providing excellent coverage for contractors. You should always feel you’re getting top value out of your benefits.

Customized Voluntary Health Plans

Our plan is the first of its kind, a voluntary health benefits platform created for government contractors and paid for through fringe dollars. Our plans give maximum coverage according to employees’ needs.

Retirement Services

Our High Quality 401(k) Retirement Plan allows contractor employees to save for their golden years. It’s a low-cost, high-yield way to value your staff. With an AXIM plan, you get:

  • More choices
  • Curated investments
  • Actively managed models
  • Lower fees

We also offer employee education to ensure they make the most of their savings opportunity and a global dashboard so they can monitor their nest egg.

Fringe Benefits

AXIM knows how to keep businesses in line with DBA and SCA compliance requirements and stay in the good graces of the DOL. We’re not a vendor or a broker; we’re a government contractor that knows contracting in a way our competitors don’t. AXIM offers:

  • Guaranteed compliance
  • 24/7 to fringe benefit information
  • Reduced General and Administrative (G&A) overhead
  • Premium benefits
  • Bidding advantages

Our strategies are transparent, comprehensive, and restriction-free, and the best part is it’s all paid with fringe dollars!

G&A Expenses

Think about how much time you spend on compliance now. Monitoring every employee’s role, keeping track of their changing requirements according to DOL standards, setting prevailing wages, making sure they each have the right benefits — it can be dizzying!

Are you prepared for an audit?

Fringe Rates: Are you paying your employees the right fringe rate?

Base Wages: Are you paying proper wage rates by job classification?

Labor Categories: Are your employees correctly classified under the contract?

Fringe Benefits: Are your benefits competitive enough to attract and retain SCA employees?


DOL Compliance

Ensuring compliance requires paying attention to various moving parts that may change over the life of a contract. To stay compliant, you’ll need to keep on top of things like place of performance changes, fringe rate adjustments, inaccurate wage determinations, paid sick leave, incorrect job classifications, and more.

If the DOL chooses your company for an audit, they can be on-site in as little as two days, reviewing your company records and interviewing 20% of your staff.

With AXIM, this is no longer something you have to worry about! We guarantee compliance with full DOL support. To have DOL compliance, we’ll ensure you have the correct job title and prevailing wage for each employee.

Our guarantee puts our own finances on the line, so we’re serious when we say we guarantee compliance.

In recent years new government regulations have focused on tighter compliance. Government contractors can’t afford to not be on top of compliance because the cost of noncompliance can be detrimental.

Increase Contract Profitability

As It Relates to Fringe Benefits Administration

SCA Group Fringe Benefits

How we optimize costs &
create profitability

Start with a free consultation with one of our AXIM Solution Professionals. We’ll customize a program that attracts and retains employees to service your contract, maximizes employees dollars, and balances the business buy-in.

Technology that is configurable
for your needs

The AXIM experience includes an eagle eye view into the process, pricing, and analytics that your leadership needs to make the best decisions. A fully informed leadership team promotes trust in the experience, and in turn, employee loyalty.

We know government contracts (it’s our expertise)

Compliance can be scary but that doesn’t have to be your experience. With AXIM, you can be sure that your options address the legality and variability for ongoing and newly awarded contracts.

Who Is AXIM?

AXIM Fringe Solutions Group, LLC (AXIM FSG) is the nation’s first and only health and welfare administration and compliance firm that is also a government contractor.
AXIM FSG partners with government contractors providing consulting, benefits administration, and DOL/ACA compliance for wage determination contracts (Service Contract Act and Davis-Bacon Act).

Custom Solutions

Using a custom approach to fringe benefits we can help contractors more efficiently manage compliance avoiding costly fines/debarments- all while lowering overhead/G&A and
improving contract profitability.


We provide 100% fully transparent reporting to clients and their employees. When you do something right, there’s nothing to hide

The AXIM Difference

We’re the only fringe benefits provider that gives you a compliance guarantee that assumes financial responsibility for penalties and infractions while we’re working for you. We’re government contractors too, so we understand the possible pitfalls. AXIM provides:

  • Lower overhead
  • Improved contract profitability
  • 100% transparent reporting
  • Efficient compliance management

DOL compliance doesn’t have to be a headache, SCA compliance doesn’t have to be scary, and solid benefits packages don’t have to bust budgets. That’s the AXIM difference.

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If you’re ready to create a better environment for your employees, an environment that shows them they’re valuable and plans for their future, we’re ready to talk. AXIM will be happy to meet with you to consult about the plan that makes sense for you and your staff.

Through our unique technological capabilities, predictive analysis, and our contracting and benefits benchmarking tools, AXIM is the solution you need. We’ll work with your budget and provide education and advice for the long haul. Interested? We thought so. Let’s talk! Contact us via phone or email. We look forward to meeting with you.

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We rely heavily on AXIM’s industry-leading compliance practices and expertise as we work our way through SCA requirements to ensure our employees are properly receiving SCA benefits as well as helping them understand how they work. They are truly a trusted advisor and we couldn’t do it without them!”

JW, HR Director

A client needed guidance in the SCA GovCon Space with setup & ongoing maintenance of a well-produced onboarding process and beyond. AXIM provided SCA guidance, benefit administration support, and compliant SCA fringe accounting support to fill the clients gap spaces. AXIM provided invaluable expert SCA guidance and support, compliant and cost-effective benefit packages and a relationship with a trusted advisor.”

The client was seeking a solid & informed broker relationship with specific knowledge of GovCon and SCA regulations. AXIM provided the client with the necessary SCA support, mitigated carrier issues, and reduced the client’s burden of time spent on the compliance and benefits research and interpretation. The Ease Portal helped to improve the client-employee relationship.”