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Retirement Services (AMRS)

Retirement Services (AMRS)

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Greater Choices
Tailored Investment Solutions, Actively Managed Models,
& Lower Fees

Managed Retirement Solutions

Why Partner With AXIM

A High Quality 401(k) Retirement Plan demonstrates you care about and value your employees wanting to provide a means for them to plan for their future. Not only will it help attract and retain employees, but it’s also one of the lowest‑cost, highest‑yielding benefits an employer can offer.


Custom Investment Line Up
The flexibility to build your own investment line-up from a wide selection of funds or have AMRS investment partners build a lineup for you.
Employee Education
Our website offers a range of tools and wizards to help participants with retirement planning and investment education. Use these tools to work with participants and prepare them for retirement.
Low Cost Investment Choices
AMRS’ plans enjoy the lowest cost, most widely spanning investment line-up possible using any combination of Mutual Funds and ETFs.
Employee Support
Participants can contact AMRS’s support group via telephone 6am-5pm PST and via email or chat anytime.
Employee Engagement
Employees will be able to utilize AMRS’ easy-to-use online portal to make changes to their investments, update beneficiary information, and otherwise fully engage with their retirement benefit.
Global Dashboard
Use AMRS’ online dashboard to monitor all your plan, make changes, and drill down to view participant level details.
Transparent Fee Structure
AMRS plans are built from the ground up, with more than 25 fiduciary selected fun choices along with 5 actively managed risk-based models.

Employee Retention Is Critical

64% of full-time employees whose employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan said they would leave their current employer for an identical position with a similar employer that offered one. With median job tenure being approximately 5 years, a 401(k) plan will help you retain your valuable employees.

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