A Fringe Benefit Group that Enables You to Achieve

Amid the current economy, contractors are seeking profitability and sustainability. How can you remain competitive for government contracts and cater to new regulations without dedicating costly time and resources to stay abreast of current contract policy? What fringe benefit group can enable you to achieve more success? Can you gain from having a contact that is familiar with government contracts and is a government contractor themself?

With AXIM’s fringe benefit group, you are just a call away from gaining access to current policy experts and perks that you and your employees will love! 

What is on your wish list as a business? What do you hope to gain from obtaining government contracts? AXIM understands the need for consistency and guarantees when running a business. They are a fringe benefit group that understands the value of government contracts. Government contracts can:

  • Provide a reliable and steady income
  • Boost your business’ contact list
  • Guarantee pays during slow months
  • Open opportunities for more contracts
  • Offer long-term contracts
  • Ensure a higher pay-off because the government has many dollars dedicated to paying contractors for jobs

Small businesses who want to garner more attention in the business world and be relevant in the contract world love the opportunities and exposure government contract agreements provide when handled with experienced guidance. 

The Fringe Benefit Group Solution List

What does AXIM offer contractors and those seeking to compete against other businesses who are also seeking access to steady pay and long-term reward? Here are some ways AXIM keeps contract-seekers “in the know” so they can be successful. AXIM can help contractors:

  • Meet the requirements of various contract acts/rules
  • Gain access to fringe benefits for themselves and their employees
  • Receive valuable consultation on what is required by law to obtain DOL/ACA compliance
  • Make contract with benefits administrators well-versed in IT contracts, the Davis-Bacon Act, and the Service Contract Act
  • Obtain affordable fringe benefit group packages that can draw well-trained government employees to you 

The newest regulations, the most recent changes, and the highest standards are what the AXIM fringe benefit group is all about. To avoid potential contract loss and gain a competitive edge in the government contract sector, AXIM is the ultimate problem-solver! 

Your Fringe Benefit Group Keeps the Perks Within Reach

The term “fully operational” is an important one in terms of government contracting and in staying profitable. Without a high-quality fringe benefit group at your fingertips, your ability to win contracts is severely limited. You need to meet the needs of the employees you hire. Quality benefits matter when dealing with government contracting. The fringe benefit group solutions provided through AXIM include:

  • Custom options to supplement your business budget
  • Custom benefits packages that your employees can select that work best for them
  • Access to retirement solutions like a 401 K

When you utilize high-quality benefits packages, your employee retention percentage will grow! Want to cut overhead costs, keep valued employees content, and meet government contract regulations? AXIM is your consultant, confidante, and partner in ensuring that you remain relevant and revered in the government contract sector. AXIM will design your fringe benefits around what you require as an employer and what your employees desire as hard-working individuals helping you to achieve your goals. 

The Service Contract Act “Guidance Professionals”

Not only does AXIM excel at being the ultimate fringe benefit resource, but AXIM also can keep you informed on the Service Contract Act’s latest and newest amendments/changes. Why is this important? If you fail to meet the Department of Labor’s standards, your business suffers exponentially. Lawsuits, debarments, and other costly roadblocks can deter even the most successful entrepreneur. What are the latest rules or revisions? AXIM can give you peace of mind and the information you need to avoid any expensive pitfalls. 

What happens when you must pass on a contract? What happens to the employees that you’ve hired? Recent modifications by executive order have been applied and can affect the next steps you have to take. If you have any questions regarding the newest requirements in the Service Contract Act, you can contact your informative fringe benefit group and consulting team at AXIM! 

Davis-Bacon Acts Are Applicable Now

Does the terminology “prevailing wage” leave you wanting to know more? Can or will you meet the requirements the government expects you to follow for wage determination contracts? The Davis-Bacon Acts were put in place to ensure employees get treated fairly, and while you may be familiar with the act, new revisions can alter how you handle business. Does your government contract require any adherence to revisions in the Davis-Bacon Acts? Can collective bargaining agreements affect how you do business? If so, AXIM’s fringe benefit group can help notify you of the changes you may need to make to meet compliance laws. 

Informational Technology Contracts Communication

How can you benefit most from valuable IT contracts? AXIM can stay in communication with you to ensure your business gets a boost in operations by complying with IT contracts that serve to further your bottom line. What services can you provide to ensure you acquire IT contracts? What skills or fringe benefits do you offer that gives you a competitive edge? AXIM’s consulting and fringe benefit group solutions team can work with you to help you understand what Information Technology contract will suit your situation. 

AXIM Illuminates

The AXIM fringe benefit group and consulting company brings much needed clarity to government contractors who want to continue expanding their business. Do you need an affordable benefits package that ensures you meet the government’s high standards and provides quality perks to your employees? Are you unsure how new regulations or executive orders will affect your contract obligations? Once you’ve discovered AXIM’s Fringe Solutions Group, you’ll find transparency, peace of mind and valuable information within reach! Contact AXIM today to stay compliant, competitive, and relevant in the government contract sector!