A Message From Our CEO On AXIM’s 10th Anniversary

“Ten years ago, AXIM set off to fill a need.  A need expressed by employers and employees alike from across the country– to build better, more affordable benefits programs that treat people with respect and kindness– a program that earns their trust through full transparency. 

As a young Marine, I learned what HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT meant, and even with that background and good family upbringing, I did not fully understand the impact of those words outside of the Marine Corps. As I set out on a new path, with a new team, the goal was to always carry the same level of values and deliver on promises to the people that trust and depend on us.

Now in our 10th year, I’m proud that our growing team constantly delivers on our “Corps” principles as well as providing Integrity, Empathy, & Service day in, day out. And it’s with these principles I pledge the highest levels of service and support to our clients/partners for every personal interaction. 

We want to create lasting partnerships built on “shared values” as opposed to just another impersonal business transaction. Partnerships that build trust between our platform of companies and partners because “doing the right thing” should always take priority over making money.  If by some chance we stumble, then we make it right to the best of our abilities and work harder to be better prepared for the next challenge. That’s AXIM’s “Core” commitment we stand by.

Whether you are a national service provider, regional partner, or client, your partnership is greatly appreciated. It’s with your input and feedback that we get better at our jobs and in turn help you build/grow your business. I ask/hope that you always feel free to reach out to us, so we can listen and look to make AXIM the leader you rely on us to be. 

As we look ahead into the next decade of service, I and my team are more focused than ever to lead in an industry that has been stagnant for far too long.  We are not looking to undercut or underprice the market and offer a cheaper solution.  Instead, we have seen the roadmap of the current landscape and prepared a business platform that will consistently grow over the foreseeable future to provide more resources, better benefits, more transparency, more data, and ultimately more to your bottom line.  Yes, we can do things better, faster, smarter, and more efficiently for less cost.  And yes, we can do all this while having the highest levels of security, transparency, technical expertise and capabilities, and most importantly – ethics.  

Because of all of this and paved by the last decade-plus of learning from mistakes and pitfalls but never bending our “Core” principles, AXIM is prepared to lead the industry in a way not demonstrated before.  I am looking forward to this future and working with you and your teams as we collectively build “more” for your best business results.

Thank you for your interest in AXIM, and if you would like to learn more about us, please feel free to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you and celebrating another 10-year milestone with you as a valued partner.”


Jim Campbell