Do you know the current legalese that is on the business radar today? How do you respond to the latest acts or bills affecting your business? How can employees gracefully handle surprises when confronted with questions of compliance? It’s simple. Take away the element of surprise altogether! With the AXIM Fringe Solutions group at your side, the No Surprises Act won’t weigh heavily on your mind! 

Avoiding the Onus and Weighing the Positives

The No Surprises Act is legislation neatly wrapped in the Consolidated Appropriations Act package. What the legislature contains can affect employers and employees. So, what is the extra burden to be aware of in the No Surprise Act? The No Surprises Act contains:

  • Language regarding transparency in healthcare and insurance plans
  • Rulings to protect employees from a lack of information
  • No Surprises Act laws that include healthcare providers and insurers rate negotiation regarding out-of-network care
  • Surprise billing protection for employees

If you are or will provide health insurance for your employees, you’ll need to be aware of this federal law that took effect on January 1, 2022. AXIM Fringe Solutions group can familiarize you with everything you need to address in the No Surprises Act! 

How the No Surprises Act Speaks to Your Employees

To remain competitive in the hunt for guaranteed contracts with substantial benefits and steady profit, employees appreciate employers offering solid, clear health plans to help them gain peace of mind. Similarly, the No Surprises Act allows more transparency and guards the health and financial welfare of the employees in your care. The enforcement of the law and the legalese attached to the act affects those plans/policies that began in 2022. 

If you are a health care sponsor, you could be under this legislation and may be found compliant or otherwise. That’s why AXIM is the ideal partner when dealing with healthcare plans and benefits packages. AXIM not only acts as your qualified informer, but they also offer health packages that ensure employees stay informed and in-network. If you need a healthcare package with a team of informed experts on the No Surprises Act, AXIM can help be your go-to partner to ensure you comply with current regulations. 

It’s an Uninformed Emergency!

The No Surprises Act ensures in-network and out-of-network health services are covered or clarified for employees to ensure they have a choice about what they pay. Unexpected emergencies happen, and with those emergencies, the undo stress of financial burden can lead to burnout for those employees on your team. 

During emergencies, your employee may need help to discern if the hospital they turn to is in-network. The No Surprises Act keeps employees from the extra financial burden of surprise billing because they cannot determine if the health facility is in their network. Their inability is out of their control. The No Surprises Act helps them feel in control even when they can’t be. 

Injured employees (or those seeking surgery) can unknowingly receive treatment from a physician or provider outside their network. While they are in-network at the facility, they may not have control over who cares for them in a non-emergency situation at that specific facility. The No Surprises Act adds protection in those scenarios to avoid this. The changes enable employees to receive care when a lack of transparency is apparent. 

In the Business of Transparency 

The No Surprises Act caters to employees’ health and financial needs, so there are no unwelcome surprises when the monthly bills come. When you can find a representative for your best interests, ensuring and “insuring” you and your employees receive the care and clarity you deserve, the peace of mind you’ll have can help you breathe more easily! Employees who feel valued in their job and for their skills perform better. While juggling the many responsibilities of running a business can be challenging, AXIM Fringe Solutions Group can help you balance it all. 

To avoid the potential fallout from tangling with the IDR (Independent Dispute Resolution) process, AXIM Fringe Solutions Group intervenes for you. Employees gain peace of mind, while at the same time, employers may find themselves caught up in the No Surprises Act complexities caused by the interaction between provider and insurance legalities. For in and out-of-network dealings, the unknown can be a big negative. With AXIM Fringe Solutions Group, there are no unknowns when dealing with the ins and outs of the No Surprises Act. You are empowered to consider your employees’ needs while delegating health plan management, new regulations, and plan monitoring to AXIM! You also receive an impenetrable safeguard against compliance penalties because AXIM guarantees coverage if they represent you! 

AXIM Helps you Stay Relatable and Relevant 

How do you ensure your employees get the health care and transparency they desire while you seek simple ways to comply with regulations that can bring you a learning curve? Do you need a representative in your corner to combat the headaches that arise from a lack of transparency? AXIM Fringe Solutions Group is the answer! AXIM takes the Consolidated Appropriations Act and the No Surprises Act and shields you from any unwelcome surprises while allowing you to empower your employees’ autonomy!

 If you want a team of individuals that fight for your rights and interests just like you fight for your employees’ health and financial needs, contact AXIM Fringe Solutions Group today! Don’t let the No Surprises Act catch you off guard! Protection is on the way!