Davis Bacon Act Experts Help You Gain Access to Success

Do you appreciate the steady income that government contracts provide? Have you considered acquiring government contracts yourself? If you feel out of your element with recent regulatory changes (like those coined in the Davis Bacon Act) affecting benefits and wage determination contracts–you may find it beneficial to seek a knowledgeable source in the government contracting world. How can you gain the information you need to ensure you are compliant with the Davis Bacon Act revisions? With AXIM Fringe Solutions group, you gain access to an ally that understands the ins and outs of government contracting and so much more! 

What Davis Bacon Act Know-how Does for You

In a decade that craves positive changes to ensure everyone in the workforce receives what they need to survive and thrive, (like via the Davis Bacon Act) AXIM strives to support employees and government contractors by providing fringe benefit solutions. Why? It’s because AXIM is a government contractor as well! If you need a representative that can: 

  • Help government contractors remain competitive
  • Protect your business and enable you to stay compliant with government expectations
  • Provide benefit administrative help and advise on compliance regarding Davis Bacon Act changes
  • Keep you up-to-date on any newly-added revisions like those in the Davis Bacon Act and Service Contract Act
  • Bring easy-tracking fringe benefit solutions to your business.
  • Utilize and provide you with simple ways to lower overhead
  • Boost your profitability 

AXIM Fringe Solutions Group is here to be your information highway to success! Where can you start finding out more about revisions to the Davis Bacon Act? Look no further than to your experienced AXIM team of professionals! 

Davis Bacon Act Q & A

What can accidental non-compliance to acts like the Davis Bacon Act and the Service Contract Act mean for your business? Costly fines, worry lines, and needless stress! Keeping your concerns in full view, AXIM offers the answers you seek and the assurance that you’ll be able to continue in business. What other company will offer a guarantee to cover any infractions and penalties while being your experienced guide in DOL/ACA compliance to new revisions in the Davis Bacon Act?!

It may not always be possible to garner more government contracts without guidance that keeps you competitive, but with AXIM Fringe Solutions Group you gain clarity. Transparency is the best way to do business. Whether dealing with the intricacies of Davis Bacon Act revisions or simply wanting to ensure employee benefit allocation, AXIM keeps you calm and collected when compliance leaves you with no concrete answers and more questions! 

Fringe Benefits that Keep Employees Incentivized

AXIM advises and administers quality care to government contractors. How? By providing fringe benefit packages that cater to your budget and your employees needs. You don’t need to stress over acquiring:

  • Fringe benefits
  • Retirement plans 
  • Custom benefit plans for diligent employees

Being able to offer plan choices for employees is a powerful asset. You can work with the new changes made in the Davis Bacon Act to ensure your employees feel valued. If you want to keep employees loyal and willing to deliver their talents to improve your success, AXIM has plan options that work for individuals with unique needs. Terminology like “fully insured medical” and “family protection” can catch the attention of many highly skilled individuals who want to make it possible to gain access to a higher quality of life. When your employees receive benefits that keep them engaged and inspired to work hard for you, it’s a benefit that keeps on giving! If you want the ability to acquire and keep government contracts, superior benefits packages are paramount to your continued success! A lack of compliance with the Davis Bacon Act can lead to extensive costly fines that can drain your bottom line! 

The Davis Bacon Act ensures employees receive quality treatment in the workplace. What AXIM does for the employee and the government contractor is ensure both receive the attention and care they deserve while keeping profits and morale high! If the reinstatement of the Service Contract Act and newly revised Davis Bacon Act leave you at a loss as what to do next, AXIM Fringe Solutions Group can guide you to a win in the business sector. 

From Expensive Audit to Advantageous Partnership

Audits can fill any business leader with anxiety. A quick way to grab the attention of the auditor is to fail to comply with the Service Contract Act or Davis Bacon Act. When audit day approaches, how can you know if all your research and planning has enabled you to stay in business without a pause? You don’t. That’s why AXIM is prepared to help you prepare for any audit fears! AXIM Fringe Solutions Group keeps you informed and confident by:

  • Guaranteeing compliance
  • Providing audit support 
  • Constant access to fringe benefit information for both contractors and their employees

If you are on the “fringe” about taking advice from others to ensure audit day doesn’t become a Davis Bacon Act disaster, remember AXIM takes on liability when Audit Day goes awry! They help you stay focused on your job, relieving you of the heavy burden of benefits management. And when the Davis Bacon Act revisions take effect, you won’t be left wondering if audit day will come sooner rather than later! 

Bidding Good-bye to Davis Bacon Act Concerns

Do you appreciate having the advantage when bidding on long-term government contract opportunities? Do you like being the “first to know” when regulations change that could affect your profit margins and employee hires? AXIM Fringe Solutions provide their clients with all the information they need on the Davis Bacon Act and Service Contract Act to continue their business successfully. With guidance that guarantees you stay competitive and penalty-free, you’ll love what AXIM can bring to your business! Contact AXIM Fringe Solutions Group today and discover what it takes to treat your employees with the best benefits available and treats you to that invaluable peace of mind!