Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has officially begun, which begs the question, are you ready? Team up with AXIM for success this season.

Last year, the Atlantic hurricane season ended after eight storms hit the coast hard, causing over $4 billion in damage, with 21 named storms in total. According to NPR, the two previous times they ran out of names for the cyclones were in 2020 and 2005.

Meteorologists are expecting more and more hurricanes each year with greater intensity, so it’s not a question of, “If?” but, “When?” disaster relief will be needed from federal contractors. It’s time for contractors to prepare for new federal relief contracts this year and get a head start in 2023.

With four of the top five NAICS codes (562910, 561730, 561720, and 722320) for disaster relief efforts having Service Contract Act mandates, having a subcontractor that is an expert in SCA compliance and benefits on your team can increase your contract profitability and operating efficiency. 

AXIM Fringe Solutions Group is an SDVOSB contractor and the only one that provides DOL compliance and benefits services for prevailing wage contracts. Even if you’re not working with disaster relief contracts, AXIM’s DOL compliance and benefits services will lower your contract overhead and control your healthcare costs on any Service Contract Act or Davis Bacon Act contract.

The experts at AXIM can also work with you during the RFP process to help build lower wrap rates for more competitive bids while guaranteeing DOL compliance.

Contact the team at AXIM to see how we can be a strategic partner to you and support the federal relief contracting community.