Signing paperwork - Navigating the Service Contract Act: How AXIM Fringe Solutions Can Empower Your Business Success

Order in the Executive Court

If you envision acquiring government contracts (or have been awarded contracts in the past or are currently in one), new or renewed executive orders regarding the service contract act, aka the SCA, are worth delving into. To improve your chances of sustained success in a billion-dollar industry, AXIM Fringe Solutions Group can aid you in adapting to the constantly changing contract environment. Skilled contractors trust in those who’ve trekked the same journey before! AXIM Fringe Solutions Group are the definitive guide because they have also walked this path and know what to expect. 

How do you become a competitor and adhere to the current Service Contract Act orders? You find a government contractor who will come alongside you and help you organize your business in a way that caters to service contract act regulations and regular workers seeking to improve and sustain their peace of mind. 

Avoiding the Unknown and Upsizing the Return Potential

Safeguarding the interest of a business and the welfare of those employed in said business can be a gargantuan task. If you don’t have the right team to sustain you when changes come, problems can arise. How do you keep your thumb on the pulse of the fluid government contracting industry and maintain your business in a manner that benefits everyone? AXIM has answers and opportunities to improve your chance at a government contract!

New orders regarding SCA can be challenging. Often contract holders cannot adjust to the changes in an orderly fashion. With AXIM, your financial health and contract awarding potential can stay afloat and expand! As you navigate the sometimes murky waters of an industry that is always trying to improve how they do business, experts in SCA “speak” can help you clear the rocks and sail onward towards success. They provide the knowledge you need to process, organize, and fulfill the requirements assigned to those seeking to be SCA compliant. 

AXIM Knows Administration and How to Administer

Under the current administration, by executive order, leadership offered those (employees) under the Service Contract Act options to ensure they have some say in service contracts proposed by successors. This adjustment could affect millions of employees and firms that fall under the regulatory implementation of the service contract act. Small and large businesses must understand SCA compliance to ensure success and uphold employees’ rights. It’s not a simple task, but it’s not impossible with the right partners at your side!

The most current changes or specific additives to the SCA also bring in resources for an investigation to enforce the current administration’s order more broadly. What can you do to enable your employees to benefit from the newest order applicable to your existing contract award? What can you do to ensure you gain more competitive prowess in the federal contracting world? How do you utilize the newest regulatory additions to benefit your business and employees? If you are unsure of your future in the government contracting arena, AXIM can ease your anxiety and enable you to move forward confidently and with purpose. 

AXIM provides a game plan that enables you to:

  • Organize your business to synch with the latest regulatory addendums concerning the service contract act.
  • Provide fringe benefits to ensure your employees are receiving what they require. 
  • Access information regarding wage and benefit requirements necessary to ensure your compliance
  • Stay competitive in the government contracting industry by knowing what employees are looking for and ensuring they get the benefits they need 
  • Avoid endless paperwork, added reporting responsibilities, and the anxiety when the effort to remain compliant seems overwhelming.
  • Connect with the DOL via experts on the SCA, enabling you to continue with business as usual while ensuring your employees get the attention they deserve

Trust Your AXIM Navigator to Map Out Success

The navigation process has just begun once you’ve entered into a contract. Reporting, analysis, and mapping job duties are integral to ensuring you are awarded contracts and continue to be successful. Under the guidance of the service contract act, the wages you offer should align with the level of skill and task performed. You have to become a topographer and understand how to read and steer through the terrain required to traverse with any long-term success. 

AXIM can help you define who is under the terms of the SCA and who isn’t. You need discernment and a model to compare to. Compliance with the SCA comes with clarity and insight, but you need an “insider’s view” and first-hand information to access it. AXIM’s Fringe Benefit Solutions bring guidance and experience. When you encounter ill-defined lines, obscurities, or anomalies in the text of any rulings related to government contracts, AXIM becomes your personal and informed investigator as you begin to enter the service contract act arena. 

Want to ensure your footing in the government contracting business is on solid ground? How will you organize your workspace best to support your goals and the goals of your employees? If you need an expert in: 

  • Contract expectations, 
  • Service Contract Act information
  • Administration of fringe benefits
  • Insider knowledge of current regulatory proceedings that affect you

AXIM can provide the clarifying moment in the chaos that can come when changes occur beyond your control! AXIM Fringe Benefits Solutions are the missing link to bring order and understanding to you and the people you trust to move your dreams forward!